Online Training System

The Pizzaskool Online Training System enables you to offer training to your team members with tracking and accountability at an extremely affordable price. Whether you need to train 5 team members or 50,000, will work for you.
your content - customized courses - generic courses

Tells what to do and when

A printable list for each location telling team members what training
is due and when. Managers can easily schedule individual courses or a
series of courses to complete a certification.

Shows, tells and coaches

Full motion video followed by hands on management coaching.
Quizzes, timed tests and tracked coaching checklists within the
program reinforce each lesson.

Tracks progress

Tracks every team member's training history by using 4 different
online reports that cover scheduling, user activity and accountability.
Or choose the automated reporting system that emails reports in PDF
or Excel format to individuals as often as desired.

Full customization

We realize your pizzeria may do some things differently. That’s why
we offer the ability to customize our courses or add courses of your own.



Pizzaskool Online Training System

This system was built for one reason..TRAINING.
From the administrator level to the team member level everything
is easy to understand and simple to use. But delivers outstanding
results. Increase sales, reduces turnover and prevents accidents.


Admin Features

• Four different reports that are e-mailable in PDF and Excel

• One click scheduling of all courses for each position

• Easily transfer team members from one location to another

• Accountability for team members and managers

• Easy content management

• Several user permission levels to meet your needs

• Recorded history of all team members

• Adds accountability to training


TM Features

• Easy navigation

• HELP section with video explanations and frequently asked questions

• Recorded training history of all team members

• Printable schedules and coaching checklists

• Cross training capabilities

• Search section


Is ease of use important?




The Pizzaskool Online Training System has many great features that sets it apart from the rest, but one stands out: ease of use for team members and managers alike. Our customers tell us time and time again how easy our system is to navigate and use for their training needs.


Pizzaskool comes with preloaded content. You can use this, load your own or we can build whatever you need.


Pizzaskool trains for three positions.


Training for Ordertakers

How to obtain information from customers in a friendly manner.
How to handle customer concerns on the phone.
The importance of impressing each and every customer.
The importance of smiling on the phone.
How to develop relationships with customers.
How Upselling benefits the pizzeria, the Order Taker and the customer.
How to Upsell without being pushy.
How using descriptive words helps sell side orders.
How to win carry out customer’s loyalty with impressive service.
How to impress carry out customers.
How to handle carry out customer concerns.


Training for Pizza Makers

The importance of FIFO (first in, first out) food rotation.
The importance of food shelf life.
How to shape the crust. (edge stretching and with a dough sheeter)
The importance of portion control and consistency.
How to sauce a pizza.
How to cheese a pizza.
How to itemize pizzas.
How to cut pizzas.


Training for Drivers

The number one rule in delivery driving: “Safey must always come first!”
The most common causes of delivery accidents.
How to prevent accidents during delivery.
How a Driver’s attitude affects their driving.
The precautions to take during bad weather.
How Drivers can impress customers at their door.
How a Driver's attitude affects customers.
How Drivers should handle customer concerns.


You will also get

Tools for Portioning, Cutting Guides, Prep Work Sheets, Shelf Life Guides, Vehicle Inspection sheets.

Courses can be customized to your specific requirements.